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Manara Developments Company BSC (Closed) is a Bahrain – based real estate Development Company with a diverse project portfolio. Manara is determined to bring new insights, a fresh perspective and an all considered approach to real estate development in the Middle East market. Manara Developments is driven by a core desire to become one of the top regional real estate developers by delivering a distinct portfolio of projects that are sensitive to their surroundings and leave a positive imprint on the community which houses them, from a social, economic and environmental perspective. Wherever possible, the Company will source national resources and will deploy the latest in design, construction and environmental technologies to help deliver socially-aware projects synonymous with quality, sustainability, value-for-money and on-time delivery. The company’s mission is guided by a sincere, humanistic ‘All Considered’ philosophy stemming from a deeply rooted sense of social responsibility – to develop conscientiously with the best interests of the community in mind and strive to deliver.

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